[Proprietary] What Integrations would you like DSYNC to build for ERPNext?

Hi everyone, so quick update on the progress last week we posted the project and have begun the build. We will be looking for some helpful testers once the asset is complete. Will be focusing on the ones asked for ERPnext connection to Magento 2, ERPnext to WooCommerce, ERPNext to Quickbooks and Xero. ERPNext shopify. Be great to have some testers ready. If anyone also wants to build a connector not on the list we have a diy option and via our DIY DSYNC Developer Portal · Apiary otherwise let us know what connector you would like and we will put in our list.


A connector to caldav/ carddav would be useful

Hey Julian, happy weekend - which one would be the most popular do you think that would have an API that we could connect with

  1. Authentication methods (DSYNC can connect with multiple and generic oAuths)
  2. Filtering methods so you can set up polling / schedules (CRON) inside DSYNC

Appreciate your advice ?

Both are based on open standards. I think Caldav may be used a bit more generally. But both standards are used, even apple use caldav and carddav with the IPhone.

I’m not a developer, so can’t offer any more detailed info. In terms of polling often I’ve seen this as configurable depending on the circumstances and how it is deployed.

Excellent! I have clients in waiting for the QBO interface. They really will not make the jump to any ERP system without an interface to QBO. Pretty much any client that is just starting out with an ERP system has already been using QBO for some years to manage some parts of their business. Having an active interface QBO with ERPnext will make the road to ERPNext much easier for them to accept and it will bring many more ERPNext users into the platform.

Hope to hear more about your progress soon.


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@DSYNC how is this coming?

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@DSYNC We are using Magento2 - and it if you want me to assist, test and so on, please let me know. i am very interested, because i know magento users, which are interested to have an external system for managing the products, customers and so on … like an erp.

Some good news our ERPnext developer building the bridge has now loaded his work onto his ERPnext own hosting. We should be able to help him with the testing shortly. As long as we can successfully test the data from and to ERPnext we will be able to release the bridge to the community. This will make it easy to map data from any of our preexisting systems to ERP next meaning it will be a nice integration layer. We have also developed a Generic and Dynamic API connector for APIs not on the network this will mean that ERPnext developers will be able to connect other APIs with no coding. I will work with our developer friend Hamender on the release and will be encouraging testing and support from the ERPnext community. To answer question above this will be compatible with Magento 2, Woocommerce, Revel Systems, Quickbooks, Xero, shopify, bigcommerce, ftp uploads, webservices, and a stack of other ready made assets coming soon + you can build your own connector and we will help market it for you on our marketplace. We are making developer accounts free for ERPnext developers to mess around with systems however we do have paid commercial and support plans all are at a reasonable cost. We are also keen on partners for any customized changes.


@DSYNC that is awesome i will test it as soon it as ready.

That’s great to hear! What’s the approximate ETA. just to keep in mind, so we hold back investment in other efforts similar to this? Thanks for the update! No pressure :slight_smile:

I cant speak for Hamender however would think only another week or so away.

This is not a free/open source solution. So I think any other progress must keep on happening.

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@rmehta Thanks!
Is there any effort to integrate to any other open source software from your end that is going on? What other effort are you referring to? Mine refers to my project to explore Zapier. Out of my pocket.

DSYNC, is proprietary, I get that. :slight_smile:

Realize it is proprietary however because of Erpnext we have now a free dev account up to 250MB. You can see this on our pricing page. Any Erpnext dev that has DM me with the login I have extended as well.

Not going to repeat my point :slight_smile: Please understand this is a community and instead of going with “mine” and “yours”, lets do what we can together.

People are here because there is a “free” software available. Does not matter who made it, but someone did. If you can help please do. I am clearly not in favour of promoting a 100% proprietary software on this forum.

Still its not in the spirit of open source software. Please don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against proprietary software, its just that we would like to be this community free of pure commercial interest. Any topics of commercial interest must also honour spirit of sharing. Its just a different model :pray: