[Proprietary] What Integrations would you like DSYNC to build for ERPNext?

Hello ERP next, my name is Simon from DSYNC Integration. I hope everyone is having a great day. May I please ask the ERP next community for some assistance and support? We have been asked to build some connections / Integrations for ERPNext and we are keen to learn from the community what is needed and what will be used if we build the connectors.

Could I please start a thread on connectors you would like to see? We will not be able to build all of them however it will help our team to prioritize what the opensource community would like to connect in.

  • What can DSYNC currently connect? Any XML to XML / JSON applications

Would you like to see the following integrations:

  • Magento 2 Integration

  • Salesforce Integration

  • Woocommerce integration

  • XML and JSON integrations

  • Revel Point of Sale - Systems integration

  • Shopify Integrations

  • Xero, Quickbooks, MYOB integrations

  • FTP, CSV and upload integrations

  • Pipedrive, Bightpearl, ZOHO integrations
    We would love to know your thoughts on this?

Magento 2!

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Magneto, quickbooks, Sales Force and Woo commerce are usually asked by many, so they maybe good additions

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Hello Pawan and Jai, - This is excellent feedback. We are looking at building out Magento 2/ QBO (Quickbooks online) and Salesforce to connect order, customer, inventory for the first instance. Is anyone else looking for Magento <> ERP Next - I am just trying to gauge how popular this one would be for our engineering team. Also what about shopify to ERP Next - I am going to Shopify unite next week if anyone is there to meet up and say hi. THanks Pawan and Jai - WE would love to know others feedback Simon

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Isn’t there a crowdfunded project on the way for a quickbooks integration already?

@DSYNC is your work Open Source generally or do you want to build proprietary connector’s and sell them to any interested party?

EDIT: I guess a look at this answers my question


How About Bank Feeds? have the ability to import the banking transactions directly into ERPNext?


Magento 2 and Asterisk integration i think really need it in ERPNEXT .


I’d love to see the following integrations & connectors:

  • Gitlab Issues/Milestones <–> ERPNext project/Gantt charts
  • G-suite, Gmail → attachment(s) → google drive → ERPNext API
    • to automatically pull pdf-invoices, delivery-notes into erpnext
    • google-sheets could be used to visualise run-logs & handle exceptions
    • xls templates to enable auto-import of supplier batch-info & serialized stock-entries
  • Arena PLM, items & suppliers <–> ERPNext items & suppliers
    • see this link for similar integrations + way for manually reconciling changes.
  • UPS & FedEx
    • Quick-entry forms to create shipments tied to a sale, stock-transfer or rma
    • Automatically pull-in live shipping-data & costs from (i.e. FedEx insights) to ERPNext
    • Inbox to link shipments to relevant doc-types (i.e. Purchase Order)
      auto-matched when shipping-label (EDI) contains PO-no, Invoice-no, etc

Magento 2. This will help integrate ERPNext with an open source ecommerce shopfront extending ERPNext’s functionality.

The others seem to be important too, but in many cases, seem to be a functionality that ERPNext can replace (to some extent or the other).



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Quickbooks and a Caldav / Carddav connector

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Hello Vrms - We also want to help the ERP community so we are in internal discussions to offer a free (up to a data limit) dev style account. It may not include free installation however most developers can easily figure out how to install and use our data mapping engine.

@Julian_Robbins - Quickbooks - Yes QBO is on the radar. Regarding Caldav what is the workflow you desire ie sync this to that and when? This is the one Caldav one right?

@JayRam - Magento 2 looks to be right out in front. We have 3 certified M2 engineers on the team, thanks for your contribution.

raveslave noted for Gitlab, Gsuite and Arena PLM, Re UPS and FedEx copy that.

meisam - Nice one re Asterisk is this the VTiger one?

All I am headed to the US for a week - please excuse my slow responses however love the feedback on what to connect with next, Thank you everyone keep them coming. I will have a chat to the team and work on builds plus some sort of dev/ open source style plan.

Hi Matt, yes noted the one we are looking at is Ledgersync :slight_smile: will continue to keep you updated on this useful tool

Hi dsync

Your link mentions Google Caldav but caldav is a standard for linking any calendar info to say phones or desktop calendars such as Thunderbird. I don’t know if the Google Caldav is the same as normal Caldav but I would suggest you look at the most standards compliant one.
Also I mentioned carddav which is similar but used for syncing address books instead

Just checked the DSYNC website, so I am assuming all of these will be paid apps. Best to clarify this upfront, since this is an open source community :slight_smile:


I vote for QBO. The other QBO integration project seems to have been in development for several years now, and havn’t heard any news on progress in many months. The crowd funded one on Indiegogo seems to have closed down a long time ago. Don’t have a problem with it been paid, if it works well. What is meant by 3 “subaccounts” in the pricing?

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The faq refers to user subaccounts and I assume ‘visibility’ means read-write access? From the faq these two items:

Can I add additional users onto the same DSYNC account?

Yes you can add sub accounts within the “My account” section. The purpose is to grant other users visibility over the application and the setup.


Where can I add additional users or SUB users to the DSYNC system?

Additional users can be added to the HUB within the Accounts settings section. To Access your account settings please visit the TAB on the left of the toolbar.

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Copy that QBO on the hit list, thanks @fblauer nice one. Clarkej is correct and just to expand on the sub accounts. Within one organization you may have an IT manager that would like to login / a developer that may want to login and maybe another.

On a separate note we also have a white-label service where developers can have unlimited sub accounts for all of their clients we provide this mostly to agencies who would like to separate integrations for each merchant they have integrated. White-label also includes developer invoicing - very similar to when devs resell hosting.

Thanks for your vote on QBO Cheers

As a quick update the team are now scoping the ERPnext integration. We plan on having free developer accounts for the ERPNext community. DM me if you want me to apply to your free trial. We will come back to ERPNext when the integration is set to go.

Would like a developer account.

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Hi Jai perfect! can you DM me when you sign up for a free account I will apply to your account.