Public appointments


Is it possible to have appointments with patients on a public website and without being logged in? I.e. a user goes to my website, requests a consultation and it is automatically added to the list of my appointments, if the slot is available?

I see that the healthcare module already has an appointment booking functionality, but i imagine one needs to be staff to record the appointment.

I’m looking to have something like this: Appointment but for healthcare. Is that feasible?

Hi @wirpo032,

Yes, It’s feasible.

If you want to make another appointment booking system (Appointment 2), then first create a custom app and then set up an Appointment 2-related configuration/development/customization. And It works without a login.

Thank You!

Actually this is in a work in progress stage. It will be a part of Patient Portal. But users would need to have a login user id to book appointment from the portal

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that would work too. is there an ETA or beta version for this feature already?

Actually it has been put on hold as there were some other priorities, but will be having this before end of this quarter.


@akash_krishna what’s the status? Is it done? Is there an open GitHub Issue to track?

i guess this one, not much happening on that front at the moment though. But Akash has something on this branch though, if someone wants to take the development forward on priority.