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First let me say, I love this project so far. Great job, and looking forward to contributing in the future once I become more knowledgable on the development workflow.

I have been playing with erpNext for a week or so, and so far its great! The main issue I have is the limitation of the public website theming. Things like mandatory tag line on homepage is not needed on my site. I know I can hide it with js/css, but it just seems like I am monkey patching/forcing my template instead of clean code with all the !important overrides.

I looked and there is not an api listed for the web site module. Is this something that may be in the pipeline. It would be nice if there was an api, so I can create a front end, and just save the “blob” of html back to the DB and still reap all the benefits of versioning etc.

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Ive uploaded a style sheet and then linked to it via the themes settings. I’ve verified it is present in the html code. So all is good there. Is there any way to get it to load last? I’ve tried to include it in the head section of the homepage just to test, and it actually moved it to be the first style sheet.

Thanks in advance.

@starke public facing websites have not got a lot of love.

You can also build them using templates in your www folder, like GitHub - frappe/erpnext_com: website (for

We also have a common theme GitHub - frappe/frappe_theme: Theme for Frappe sites

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Thank you! I will look into that. Perhaps once I become more familiar with the system I will look into giving some love to the public web section. Definitely looking forward to contributing back!

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there have been some activities regarding theme development in the community (which I am not aware how far they actually went or whether there are any currently active pojects).

Maybe something to take a look at or even build upon

Search results for 'Theme' - Frappe Forum could be an ENTRY POINT for that