Publish Invoice/Quotes to Wordpress

How difficult would it be to create an app/plugin that would publish Invoices / Quotes to a Wordpress secured page/post?

Ideally, I’d like to plug in the credentials to my Wordpress site into ERPNext and then whenever I create an Invoice or Quote for a customer, I’d like it to automatically also publish as a page on my Wordpress Site. Perhaps also with a “download as PDF” link.

One other additional item would be a potential “Pay Now” option, that would then allow them to pay via PayPal or Square.

I’m currently using a Wordpress Plugin called Sliced Invoice for my invoices, but that was before I started using ERPNext, which is not on a public domain, it’s internal only and I’d like to keep it that way.

sounds like an interesting way to publish invoices if you want to keep your erp domain not public. although i dont know if something exists for now.

a simple and maybe more stable solution in the meantime could be to setup an email-smtp in ERP with your WP-Domain, so you can send out the invoices directly to your customers over eprnext - but coming from wordpress page domain. there could also be drawbacks with some email servers for this solution so you should test first if customers receive emails this way. keep us updated!

I’m also toying with the idea of replicating some of my erpnext data to a second server that I could publish to the net, that would really only include customer’s invoices, so they could see them through the default “website” on ERPNext, but not on my production server, so that if something goes south or is exposed, only limited data gets exposed. I think I’ll probably need to look further into this on my own. Most likely, I’ll try to write something to publish the PDFs invoices to pages and then secure those pages, but I’d also need a way to “track back” if/when someone views the page and/or wants to approve an order.

If anyone else is into programming here and wants to help out - - - i’m guessing i’m not the only one with ERPNext and Wordpress, let me know.