Publish to website all available items


I have just imported all the items to my ERPNext items module.
I am using Retail module and want to publish all my items to the site. Unfortunately after much trial and research I haven’t found a way to do it.

If I bulk update the Publish to Website flag, the items don’t show on the products page.
If I manually publish each item one by one I am able to view the items on my product listing.

Can someone guide me to how this can be done?

Versions -
Frappe Framework
frappe/frappe:version-13 - [v13.19.0]

frappe/erpnext:version-13 - [v13.19.0]

POS Awesome - [Version-3-1-1]

not sure which version you are using.

There is something called “Website Item List” …you could import the items

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This is what I needed. Thanks @centaur!