Pull child table data from Item Master to Sales order

We needed to add a table in Item Master that includes some data, these data points to another item in the item master like name and count (actually its the same as the BOM information).

Right now, we need these data pulled inside the sales order for us to be able to print it and send the sale order for manufacturing (some manufacturing steps are outside of the work order).

Now I am Assuming you want to show the pulled data in the Sales Order Item table.
Create a child table doctype and add it to the Item via Customize Item.

You’ll need to write a custom script which will call the item master, convert the received data into Plain text/HTML and store it in a Custom Field in Sales Order Item.

Then add that custom field in the items table of the Sales Order print format.

@saeedkola actually part one is done.

Now I have an HTML field in sales order item that I need to populate with the data from the item master but I am not at all good in coding so I couldn’t figure out the way to make this custom script.

and i dont mind if the data is not shown in the sales order, i just need to print it out, nothing more.

Post a screenshot of the child table

@saeedkola see below please:

child table items:

Child table using the items:

Customization in Item master to include the child table:

HTML Field in Sales Order Item ready to get the data:

Thank you for your help

I also had similar requirements, did you find the solution?