Pull Custom Field data from Sales Order > Material Request and so forth


my workflow is like this:

Create Sales Order > Make Material Request > Make Purchase Order > Make Purchase Invoice

I have added a custom field called “Customer PO No.” to each of the four forms mentioned above. Is there any way for the data I enter into the “Customer PO No.” field in the Sales Order to automatically pull into the Material Request and subsequently the Purchase Order and Purchase Invoice?

I am using the hosted version of ERPNext.

Thanks in advance.

IF the fieldname is the same in all the forms, it should be automatically for new records.

Yes the fieldname is the same in all docs but the text entered in the Sales Order doesn’t pull through to any other subsequent documents. What type of field should i make it? Data? Link? Something else? Should it be mandatory or not? Right now I have it as Data and Mandatory in all documents.
Thanks in advance.

Fixed by making the field not mandatory. Thanks.

Curious why it does not work for mandatory fields… will have to add it to the long list of things to check :slight_smile: