Pull item rates from Sales Order and Map to Material Request (Manufacturing)

I’m trying to get Sales Order data onto Material Requests (created from Sales Order). Most of it is relatively straight forward, but I am unable to get the item rates from the Sales Order into the Material Request.
A couple of questions:
i) does each sales order have its own unique price list? what happens when I type in a rate which overrides the selected price list (how is that stored?)
ii) how do I get the item rates from the Sales Order to the Material Request?

On creating a Sales via Material Request (Create> Sales Order) or even pulling them into Material Request (Get items from > Sales Order) both , the rates are fetched as is.

  1. Each Sales Order does not have its own unique Price List. The Price List can be linked to an Item Price if you want set specific rates for certain Items for buying or selling. This rate is fetched automatically if you have configured an Item Price. If you type a rate manually, it ofcourse override what was previously there by default.
  2. Could you maybe upload a GIF or elaborate the steps, I can’t seem to replicate this. Do you have anything additional configured?

I am using the create button in the sales order to create material request for manufacture. This gets the item list just fine, but the rates are all 0.
The material request form actually does not have a column for rate, but the field exists and the column for rate and amount displays in print, but with value 0.
The item rates are defined only in the standard selling price list; I have tried with sales order where the rates are fetched from the price list, as well as ones where i have manually typed in rates.
The rate fetched into the material request is 0 in both cases.
If i click on the little down arrow to edit the row, it shows rate as 0 (this is editable, and I can manually type in any rate I want)