Pull Sales Partner info into quotation

I was able to add a Sales Partner name field to quotation form where you can select from data base. (See image 1)
Now I need to auto pull address and phone number into the quote also. (See image 2)

Johnny Taylor

as much as i remember you have to use a link type field then add the following in the options of it:


so it is what you used to link the sales_partner / distributors then a dot ( . ) then the field you want to pull from that link

Thanks for the help.

Using a link type field it says I can’t use special characters like ( _ ) underscore in the options. Every time I have tried to specify a field after the doc type it says it is invalid doc type.

Sales Partners are in the Sales Partner doc but addresses are stored in Address doc.

I have tried using the custom script ( cur_frm.add_fetch(“partner_name”, “address_line1”, “d_address_line1”; ) but have had no luck with it pulling the info over.

The same thing is done with the customer address in quotes but looking at those fields has not given me any clues into how it’s done. I have setup the partner_name field up just like the customer field and it lets me select from the sales partners list.

I did notice that in adding these in the customize quotation form they do not show up in the customize quotation doc. It will not let me add them in the customize quotation doc.