Purchase Auditing Voucher print format.How to customize?

I Tried Customize but it always Show standard print format customization

Bumping. Anyone? Could not find it in the ERPNext code too. Only search result is this:

and there is no “html”: in the json.

Found the jinja template here:

So an html file bearing the corresponding snake case name of the Print Format exists in the print format folder in the codebase. Creating a print format this way is not in the documentation I think, possibly because of an update (v12?) allowing Jinja templates to be defined in the UI instead.


So if any of the “Auditing” print formats need to be customized, one has to create a new print format with Jinja as the print format type and copy the contents of the html file (say purchase_auditing_voucher.html) into the html portion in the Jinja print format, then proceed to modify the Jinja html template.