Purchase Invoice - Cannot submit "not authorized since grand total exceeds limit purchase invoice"

Purchase user received above error message when trying to approve Purchase Invoice of $27,000. Could not find any monetary limit anywhere in supplier definition, Purchase Order or Invoice Definition or User permissions.

Only thing we can think of is the customer for this drop shipment has a $25,000 limit which is somehow being checked against even though the Purchase Invoice is independent of any customer transaction.

Check what is the total value of the Purchase Order and if it was already invoiced before or not. You cannot invoice more than the total order value.

Also check if there is an Authorization Rule set on Purchase Invoice or Order. Search ‘Authorization Rule’ in ERPnext search and you should find it easily. If such a rule is active, then you’ll need to alter the limit.

Thank you. There were authorization rules set. Not sure if part of setup wizard, but error message did not refer to the specific rule or amount, would be nice.

Solved. Thanks!

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Great ! So did you alter the limit or disable the rule entirely ?

Ended up altering the limit as it seems a reasonable control. It does not really accomplish what it is supposed to as for example on Purchase Order, limited user can still save a Purchase Order over the authorized limit, print and send to supplier (creating the obligation they are not authorized) even though they cannot submit Purchase Order to make it official in ERPNext. Supplier receiving printed PO has no way of knowing.

Would be great if Draft Purchase Orders and Sales Invoices (those that create legal obligations) came out with a large DRAFT watermark when printed from non-submitted transactions. And/or could not be printed/emailed.

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