Purchase Invoice due date based off posting date

I notice that when you have credit terms set up for a supplier, updating the posting date for a Purchase Invoice will set the due date relative to this date. However, changing the supplier invoice date does not affect it.

Surely the due date should be based off the supplier invoice date and not the posting date? Considering accruals and prepayments, often an invoice will be posted to a different month than the one it was issued in but this does not affect when it was due.

I can open a github issue if this makes sense to other people.

It could also be that the Supplier has issued the invoice a week back but it reaches you after 2 weeks. In many small businesses invoices are still sent via post etc and hence this is a common scenario. In that case what the system does is correct, it essentially starts calculating based on when you have entered it into the system.

If you need to cater to both scenarios, best would be to build an option to base due date on supplier invoice date or posting date.

I think it’s much more common that invoices are due net of the invoice date than of the receipt date. Whether or not this is built out to be a toggle option the default should absolutely be that supplier invoice date is the basis for automatically calculating the due date.

I will raise a github issue about adding a settings toggle, thanks for your feedback.