Purchase invoice error message

Hi All,
This seems like a very trivial questions, but I am not able to answer it.
(I am on frappecloud)

I made a purchase receipt from a supplier. I then click on making Purchase Invoice and fill the necessary fields (supplier invoice #, etc.), I save … fine
Now when I want to submit I get this:
“Party Type and Party is required for Receivable / Payable account Creditors”

What should I do with that? The suppliers is saved under Suppliers with all the correct info? I used to be able to do Purchase Invoice but since last few updates, I can’t anymore. What am I missing!

I am really pulling my hairs with this!! I can make Sales Invoices no problem, but I cannot make any Purchase Invoice!
I started on a fresh install / fresh Cie, so there is no need for me to do any opening accounts, etc.

Hi @Francois_Ifitwala,
-when i submitting purchase invoice this error not showing.

  • but when i “Make Payment Entry” after submitting Purchase invoice
    then Journal Entry form get open.
  • inside table grid if i do not select party type and Party .
  • And directly save,submit the Journal Entry form then error shows like:-
    “Party Type and Party is required for Receivable / Payable account Creditors”

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Thanks Shraddha for your message,
This doesn’t seem to solve my problem however.

Hi have you check your master company ?
i think some of mandatory default value is blank

Hi Bobzz,
Thanks a lot for the suggestion.
Indeed some of the account fields on the Company settings were not filled. I did filled them all, but I still facing the same frustration:

Party Type and Party is required for Receivable / Payable account Creditors

I have really no idea now… I am assuming that it is something quite simple that I am missing, but I cannot find what.

Thanks again for the suggestion.

Bumping this up again… Sorry!

i have never faced that… so cant suggest more, but i think something wrong with the setup… i think there something wrong with the patch when you update…please try update again…

Thanks so much bobbz for trying to help.
Here is what I got for Company

and then this when I try to submit the PI (which is interesting is that I can save it, but not submit it)

This message is fixed. [closing]