Purchase invoice from E-mail

can someone please recommend a way to automatically create purchase invoices from incoming e-mail? I’d like my vendors to send their monthly recurring invoices via e-mail and automatically create the appropriate document in ERPNext.

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for the moment this does not exsit as far as I know. I also think this would be helpful.

We create invoices and then attach the PDF that the customer or supplier sends.


Yeah, that’s what we’re doing too. But I was trying to figure out a better way to do it. I hoped that it can be done similar to sales opportunities.

Italy regionalization of ERPNext allows you to import a Purchase Invoice from xml file. So if your supplier can send invoice attached as .xml file to email - this may be the direction / pathway to accomplish this. As far as I know, current capability is to manually import - so additional script to “read” email attachment is likely needed.


I reopen this thread, bc I see this option on Purchase Invoice form. So it seems we can create Purchase Invoice from email.

After set this correctly you can pick Purchase Invoice under the email account like this one:

But unfortonately it does not working, bc Supplier is mandotory (and there was something like that in the error log) and I cannot change the that default fields to non mandotory.

Am I on a bad track? I hope someone can help me out with this.

here is the error what’s generated when ERPNext load mail from imap and tried to create Purchase Invoice from it: