Purchase invoice from stock entry

Hi to all,
I have to create a Purchase invoice getting items from Stock entry but in the purchase invoice document, clicking the button get Items from I don’t have this possibility.

How can I customize this list adding a stock entry in the options and loading all the the stock entry that have row not invoiced yet ?

Thanks for the support


It’s not allowed by default, and you need to go deep into the code to make that!

Can you explain better the use case “why and what problem are you trying to solve towards that direction?”

It will be helpfull to find workarounds!

I have to manage a consignment stock, so:

-Some batch of raw material arrive at stock from supplier with delivery document. This movement doesn’t generate a purchase invoice, the materials at this points are onlty recorded into stock. For this reason i’m thinking to use the stock entry Material Receipt, adding informationa about supplier and Delivery document information.

-Then I can use a part of this material and a part of material of another stock entry document (of the same supplier) for my production. This activity have to generate a movement for which my supplier will send apurchase invoice to me for batches that I use in this momvement. I’m thinking to use Material Transfer for Manufacture or Material Consumption for Manufacture for this operation. This is the stock entry from which I have to get Items for my purchase Invoice.

What do you think about this solution? Can be ok? If not, can you suggest me some alternative?

Many Thanks for your help