Purchase invoice general ledger posting


If I create a purchase invoice with taxes (added) and Tax Deducted at Source (TDS, deducted), I am unable to see the TDS amount in the party’s ledger. For instance:

Bill raised by party: 74,855
Tax: 13,474
Total: 88,329

Purchase invoice: 88,329 - 7,485 (TDS) = 80,843

If I go to the party’s (supplier) ledger, shouldn’t it show me somewhere that 7,485 were deducted towards TDS? If I go to the GL for the invoice, it shows me that 7,485 were deducted against the supplier for TDS but this amount isn’t similarly reflected in the party’s GL. Am I missing something?


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I am stuck with the same problem as well… I cant figure out how to deduct TDS from the supplier payment.

I was suggested to create a separate Item as TDS (TDS 194 J for example) and Under the purchase tax in Item Doc Type, you need to create/link a TDS GL. This way, everytime you invoice a supplier, you manually calculate the percetage of TDS and include it in the rate. And once the invoice is submitted, you will notice that entries are reflected in the TDS GL that you created. Using this you can track monthly payments and quaterly fillings against the supplier.

I know this is a work around that not many people might prefer but it works… Atleast until Frappe develops a solid solution for TDS Calculation

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Here is what I do:

I create a JV with a TDS account under tax types:
The TDS amount is debited to the TDS account and credited to the Creditors account with sales invoice / purchase invoice as the reference. You should get the correct value then…

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