Purchase invoice: Getting gross prices, howto setup tax (deduct)?

Hi @ll,
maybe I’m just to blind :frowning: … but I cannot find an option to deduct tax from a gross price. So now, we are using a calculator beside ERPNext … and I cannot imagine, that’s the correct way.

Anyway … we’re getting regurlarly gross prices which we have to pay (so I tried to deduct tax from the gross price, which doesn’t work, coz ERPNext is just decting the 15% tax from the whole amount, instead to change to (X€/100)*0.15.

So my question, howto manage that? Is there somewhere a field for gross price or how can I update the tax (deduction) functionality?

Hi @schmutzfuss,

To deduct tax from gross prices on purchase invoices, you’ll need to set up “Purchase Taxes and Charges Template” and “Tax Rule”. First, create a tax template for the tax you want to deduct, like a 15% tax rate. Then, establish a tax rule specifying when this tax applies, such as on all purchases, and link it to the tax template. When creating a purchase invoice, input the gross price, and It will calculate the tax separately based on the net amount (gross price minus tax). By ensuring your tax setup reflects this deduction requirement, It will accurately calculate taxes on your purchase invoices.


Thank You!

thanks for your answer :slight_smile: … but …this is actually round about what I did before, and it doesn’t work … or do I still oversee a detail?

I tried it wit a simple product … 115€ gross, 15% tax, so should be net 100€, from net 100€+15% it works as expected, but the way back is

115€ - 15% == (17.25) 97.75€

Any idea?