Purchase Invoice impact against Expense Claim


I have a Purchase Invoice which an Employee has paid.
I want to save that in my ERP, I could link a custom field of my Purchase Invoice and set a Expense Claim, but my Purchase Invoice would still be “UNPAID”. And that will impact incorrectly on my Ledger.

I have to be able to reflect that purchase Invoice against the expense claim, and also that the entry payment changes the status of the invoice to “PAID”.
I have read 2 similar cases, but it was years ago and without real solution.
Can someone help here please? Thank you

anyone can help me please? thank you!

Create a petty cash account in the name of the employee or you can add the details in remarks. Create payment entry against that account and then reconcile it with expense claim.

It is a manual solution, but likewise, the invoice will not be associated with the expense.
I want to associate the expense claim with the invoice, when the expense is paid, the invoice changes the status from unpaid to paid. I think in the expenses there will be a field to get the invoice, that will make it work.
On BIMS, you have the expense and you can get the invoice to impact against.
Is there a natural way to do this?