Purchase Invoice is Rounding Off and Causing Issues to Payable Report

The Purchase Invoices are automatically rounding off the total invoiced amount when it is submitted and the Payment Entries are not. Its causing the Accounts Payable report to be filled with outstanding amounts of below 1$ and above -1$. This is the current system settings:

ERPNext: v7.0.62
Frappe Framework: v7.0.46
Default Currency: USD

An example of an Invoice:

The ledger for this invoice:

The chart of accounts for the account payables:

And the account payables:

When making a purchase invoice and payment entry in the company’s default currency it doesn’t have that issue. The issue appears when a purchase invoice in made in MMK (Myanmar Kyats) to the creditor account with the currency of MMK.

To fix it i’ve tried:
1- Setup > Global Settings > Disable Rounded Total
2- Setup > System Settings > Float Precision = 2
3- Account > Currency > MMK > Smallest Currency Fraction Value = 0.01
4- Account > Currency > MMK > Fraction Units = 100

None of them worked.

Please advise what I should do next to solve this issue?



Thanks for elaborating your query.

I believe that in the Print Format, it must be showing totals in the MMK only, for which there is no rounding issue. right?

If you want to continue with the original price, without rounding, then you can skip Round Off account in the Purchase Invoice. Then in the payment entry as well, you will be able to make payment for the invoice original amount only.

Hello Umair,

Thanks for your quick reply,

Indeed, when I do go in print format the MMK value is correct and not rounded.

I did try continuing with the original price but whenever the Purchase invoice is submitted, the rounding off is made automatically. There doesn’t seem to be a way to skip ERPNext from rounding off during the submission of the document.

How would I go about to skip the automatic rounding off?


Set Precision for every Currency field in the Sales Invoice Form / Purchase Invoice Form. That way you force the system to round off to a level of precision as desired by you.

@agwl.deepak How do we set the precision level to zero, to round off the Purchase Inv to the nearest rupee?