Purchase Invoice item calculation with VAT


i receive invoice from supplier where calc starts from item with vat.
Example in :
price list rate= 0.10
Discount =35.42
VAT =19%
Amount= 64.58

0.10-35.42%*1000=64.58 +19%=76.85

Supplier invoice
VAT price =0.12

How could i set supplier invoice item to calculate item with vat?
Is this available in erpnext?

You need to setup sales tax and charge template

Thanks for answering. I set up vat 19% in item master and set in purchase tax and charges also 19%. Is that template that you talking about?


For item level tax calculation please go through this.

Thank you @anandhuded2

you solve my problem This is ok now. Could you please tel me why there is no Rate +Vat price? In Pur Reg also there is blank columns I marked it on the picture below