Purchase invoice marked as paid without duing a payment entry

1.Hi i have a purchase invoise and after submitting the status went from draft to paid and i can see from the General ledger the sum owed to my supplier has been deducted.Does it mean once you submit a purchase invoice you do not have to do a payment entry to show this payment has been made?

  1. I also tried to go and do the actual payment entry for my supplier by attaching the already marked “Paid” purchase invoice.Once i set the allocation to full amount as was on the “Paid purchase invoice” and try submit it i get this error and i cannot proceed:

“Allocated Amount cannot be greater than outstanding amount”

Anyone please assist.

Am using :

ERPNext: v12.1.6 (version-12)
Frappe Framework: v12.0.16 (version-12)

If you open the document there are two things you can look at.

  • Scroll to the bottom “Comments section” and see if there is any audit entries for payments
  • Scroll to the top dashboard section and see any marked payment entries. You should be able to click into the payment list and proceed from there.

@crafter from the “Paid” Purchase invoice, at the dashboard there is no payment entry attached.Also on the comment section, there is no audit enties for payment.However i have noted that the purchase invoice has “Is paid” check box as ticked. Does this happen immediately you do the final submission of a purchase invoice?

Is Paid may have been marked erroneously by user when making PI. It is not by default. Cancel the PI, Amend it by removing the tick and resubmit. This way your PI will show Unpaid.


@Muzzy. Yes this is correct and has solved my problem.I have ammended the Payment invoice and after submitting it became unpaid.Then i was able to make a payment entry against this invoice and everything wwas flawlesss.Thanks alot for your time and support

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Welcome. Please mark the response as Solution so other can use it and this thread could be closed.

@Muzzy Done that already.Thanks again