Purchase Invoice - not showing link with PO and PREC

Dear ALL,

I have noticed that when viewing supplier invoice, it does not show the link of Purchase Order and Purchase Receipt as per below Screenshot on the DEMO:

It is somewhat a simple issue yet, important in checking purchase receipts and purchase orders from the invoice.
Thank you…


Thanks for indicating this issue.

Perhaps we should remove Purchase Order and Purchase Receipts from Purchase Invoice.

The links in that section suggest other transactions where this Purchase Invoice linked. Given the workflow, there is no change that Purchase Invoice link would be updated in the Purchase Order or Purchase Receipt.

@nabinhait can you please assign it to someone?

Thanks for reporting the issue. I have pushed a fix for this. It will be released by the end of today.

This seems to have recurred after the latest update. I am unable to see the link. Also from the PO, the invoice and purchase receipt link is missing.

Which branch are you using? I am unable to replicate the issue on master branch.

I am using the cloud version. 10.1.27

Strange! Can you share your account URL?

Sent. Please confirm onnyou received the link

Where did you sent the information? You can sent a personal message or send email to support@erpnext.com

I sent you a personal message yesterday.

I have also sent to support