Purchase invoice page not loading

Information about bug

Hello, Today i tried to open a purchase invoice however the purchase invoice list is showing but when i try to open an invoice it’s only showing the search bar/ rest everything is white blank.
The server is hosted on Frappe Cloud and i dont have the backend access.
Also if i try to open the same with an account which have admin access everything is showing.

Note:- The other roles also have access of Purchase invoice, it’s just this issue came suddenly, i haven’t made any changes in the system too.

Open the console and then check the error.


If any client script is applied then remove or comment out it

Hi, @NCP
I guess you are referring to this ?

I did applied a script yesterday but it was not working properly so i disabled it.

Which version of v15?

ERPNext: v14.70.8 (HEAD)

Frappe Framework: v14.77.2 (HEAD)

Frappe HR: v14.28.8 (HEAD)

India Compliance: v14.28.1 (HEAD)

Payments: v0.0.1 (HEAD)

I tested with the same version so it working fine.

Again migrate the site and clear-cache.

If an issue occurs, you have to raise the support ticket on the frappe cloud.

I tried to remove the favicon image and then it’s showing these errors.

Please follow the steps.

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Thanks for your reply,

I fixed this by an unusual method. Yesterday, I uninstalled frappe.insights, and perhaps the issue started then. So, I reinstalled frappe.insights, and there was an update available in Frappe Cloud. I updated it, and now everything is working.

Can you share what might have happened?

Thank You

No idea.

Thank You for your help again :slight_smile:

we have the same issue but looks like it is about the workflow permission, Records cannot be viewed or stays blank due to an active Workflow · Issue #27012 · frappe/frappe · GitHub