Purchase Invoice problem : Total purchase cost getting separated in both invoice & Project Costing

Hello ERPNext Forum,

I am facing a weird situation in total purchase cost, don’t know if this is glitch or something .

When ever I create a Purchase Invoice it gets separated into two with random amounts

Total Purchase Invoice amount is 1,19,310 which is correct but it got separated into 44620 and 74690 . Whats the problem here?

This reflects in Project costing , in project Total Purchase Cost (via Purchase Invoice) it shows only first amount i.e., 44620

Found the root of this problem . In Purchase order, only the first item is being linked with Project, from second row of items we have to add project manually . Is this a normal procedure ?

Default behavior is say you enter 4 lines in your Purchase order and then you select a project for the first line, it will get copied over to other lines. However, if you already have selected the project in the first line and then you enter the other lines, it does not get copied over.