Purchase invoice - separate Charges for individual items

Current way
How the current taxes and charges in purchase invoice work is that ,
if i consider the charge for valuation and say add 50 on actual , then the amount will be divided equally and added to each item in the invoice equally , or if i add on rate then that is the rate for all the items in that invoice and the valuation will be increased accordingly for each item .

Please correct me if i am wrong in this understanding ,

But that is not how the extra charges are actually distributed , – what i am talking about is obviously the charges of shipping and fright etc.
They depend upon weight ,each item has different and the item with more weights has caused the charges to increase more and the valuation of that item should be increased more as compared to the light weight item which relatively added very little cost to shipping .

There should be field in the items table as extra cost so i can add the cost for that item individually ,
this cost i need to be added only to the valuation and not the total of the invoice .
this way i can add different extra cost for each item which would separately reflect on the valuation of that item .

Is there a way already present to achieve this in the system ? if so please tell ,


Attempted customizations
Created a custom field in purchase invoice item called extra_cost_rate, which is the rate of the extra cost each item is incurring , using custom script added it to base_rate (because the invoice might be in different currency and the additional cost is in local system currency - so adding in final converted rate ) ,
now finding a way to trigger the recalculation of totals , as the event is not set for base_rate (only rate) – might need to customize in transactions.js ??


this will increase the total of the invoice as well ,

IS there a programatic solution for adding this cost only to valuation rate of those items , ? what all paramters i need to change?

Any idea be it functional or programatic is welcomed .


Have you looked at Pricing Rules and Price lists?

Do you mean functional wise.?

Can you explain in what sense and how please .

As far as I have seen They are not connected and do not satisfy the requirements.

The requirement is to separate the actual price and the additional cost to the valuation…

In essence it’s like a landed cost voucher which can be customized for each item


Let me try to understand:

You create an invoice that will contain items you sell.

For each item that you add to the invoice , the item has a base price, to which you add an additional amount for valuation of some sort, or could we call it a profit margin based on some criteria - customer, quantity for example.

In addition there is a charge for shipping the item. Each item may ship separately, not in one shipment so you would like the freight charges for each item to be attributed to the items themselves not to the invoice as a whole.

The shipping amount for each item will be determined by shipping method and weight of item, and needs to be calculated for each item separately then added to the price of the item.

Let us know if this is somewhat accurate.

Almost right ,
but you just described the sales flow ,

What is needed in in the purchase flow, where i am buying from a supplier and the supplier gives prices of the items,

we create a invoice of that , so those prices are fixed to be paid to the supplier .

Now we have to bear the costs of shipping the items from supplier to us including port charges, transfer charges etc,

Those are not to be paid to supplier but 3rd parties ,
(As you might have come to know , i am describing the flow of landed cost voucher (which for some reason was depreciated in v11))

now from we know the shipping charges and the weight of items so from years of experience and few calculations , we know what are the extra charges for each item in that container .

we want to add this extra cost to the valuation of each individual item , so we can decide the selling price of items according to their final estimated cost

passing a jv for those extra cost is easy , but doesn’t increase valuation ,
making a tax and charges table for valuation divides the cost equally among all items in the invoice,

so need a way to increase the cost during purchase itself …
i think i need to hit the GL entry while making the PI and pass a jv in backend for expense account,

a technical idea of how to do this would help.

I see now. You are trying to arrive at a cost basis for an item that includes the costs in addition to that of the item , as purchased from a supplier.

The Purchase Invoice is issued by the supplier and entered. Then, can the Purchase Receipt be used to add the addition taxes and charges? Or Landed Cost Voucher?

I can see how the distribution of costs could be difficult when multiple items are received.