Purchase invoice submission error

Hi there! Can someone please assist?

  1. I have created asset items with default accounts.
  2. I have successfuly created a purchase order for these items
  3. On creating a purchase in voice I get an error message below
    and I have tried many work-arounds without success.
  4. On expanding the items on the invoice, I realise the default expense account is blank,
    yet on the purchase order its there. When I put it in and save the invoice, it
    disappears again. Even deleting the items on the invoice and inserting them manually
    doesn’t help. What could be the problem.
  5. Support says I must put in the default accounts on the item master, which I have
  6. Any solution out there?


Have you set the accounts in the Company master? If not, please set the accounts in the company master under the FIXED ASSET DEPRECIATION SETTINGS section.

Hope this helps!

Hi Thanks for responding. Yest I have checked to company defaults they are ok. Check below.

Also check if you have added default accounts for the asset category for this item? Go to asset category and add the default items as shown below.

Hope this helps!

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