Purchase Invoice without Item

ERPNext: v11.1.10
Frappe Framework: v11.1.10

The possibility to create Sales Invoices without specifying Items is very handy.
Unfortunately I can’t do the same thing in the Purchase Invoice because “Conversion Factor” from “Purchase Invoice Item” only updates after I select an Item. As it is as a mandatory and read-only field I can’t complete the process.

This is how the ERPNext should behave or there are plans in changing this setup?
It would be very useful if I could create Purchase Invoices the same way that I create Sales invoices. And I can’t customize the field to remove “read-only”.

Why not make a Dummy item and call it “Purchase Invoice Item”? You can also set it as a Default value after Customize Form.

Sure, I could do both as a workaround. But I was thinking if this behaviour was planned by ERPNext team.

I see creating a Dummy Invoice Item as “lets just create this entry to solve this problem” and when we realize we have a lot of entries that do not match the reality.

The most viable option is to set the value “1” as default, it worked in our development environment, however I could use the same example above on how things can get out of control easily.

Thanks for your help @aakvatech