Purchase management in ERP next


I’m reading about ERP next and love what I read.

I’m about to set up a small manufacturing plant. We will only be about 5-6 staff working in the shop floor, and have one manager and one purchaser. So far, the purchaser has kept track of all his purchases using mail/Google sheets. I’d like him to start using something more like a CRM; where wa all can kelp track of his progress, how he is doing on certain purchases etc. some of the things he buys takes a lot of negotiating with the seller, and then I’d like to keep an eye on how he is doing aswell.

A normal CRM is for selling, but then I have a clear pipe to keep track of all customers. Is there something similar in erpnext for purchasing? (I’ve read about the purchasing module, it seems it is more for quick purchases - it sends out an RFQ and suppliers reply to it. In my world it could take 6 months of discussion with the supplier before the my even send a quote, so I’d like something that works also for this case…)

Kindly Anders