Purchase manager can view customer contacts and customers address in the buying module


I setup a user as purchase manager. But the problem is that they can access the to all contacts and addresses of customers as well in the buying module. I want to restrict the the purchase user/purchase manager to access information of only supplier contacts and addresses.


-If you assign role as “Purchase manager” to user then follow steps
1.Go to "Role"list
2.select Purchase Manager and open that role
3. click on "Edit Permission"link
4.Remove the “Contact List” Doctype .

sames for purchase user
and if you want you can give permission to create supplier for purchase user /purchase manager

  1. go to “Role Permission Manager”
    2.select Document Type= Supplier and Role= Purchase User/Purchase Manager
    and give permission of create,write etc…

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Dear Shraddha

Thanks for your kind help.

Is it possible to only restrict access to customers based contacts and not restrict them totally to contacts.


-If user is abc@gmail.com and has "customer"role ans save.
-open that user
-go to “Set User Permission”.click on that

  • your user is “abc@gmail.com”,
    select Doc type=Contact and select ‘Name’ those you want
  • click on “Add A User Permission” button.
    -same steps to restrict another more contact for that customer
    -Now when you login to that customer ,then you can see restricted contacts,Not All of them.


I already tried this but it is difficult to keep doing it all the time whenever you add a new customer.

Since all addresses and contacts have a fields under the tab “Lead” named Customer and Supplier. Can we not restrict the user depending on if it is linked to a customer field or supplier field.


I think it is not possible .
you need to select respective user and restrict respective contacts to them all the time

Thanks Shraddha.

Hello to ERPNext Developers and Admins.@rmehta @umair

I think we may be able to resolve this issue if we can have an option to select the “Party Type” DocType in the Set User Permission. However, please work out something permanently as it is should be resolved. You should fix this error for all. Purchase Users and managers should be restricted to read and access data of Suppliers only.


@wud You can add this as a feature request on GitHub.