Purchase order ammend after stock entry

I have a situation
i release a Po to a vendor for subcontract
item A : Qty 20 Nos : price 100Rs
i transfer material to subcontract using stock entry
the vendor rises the price citing raw material price rise and increases the price to 110Rs
how do i handle this situation
i will not be able to cancel the Po because stock entry is already made
any inputs on this please


Cancel Stock Entry, Cancel Purchase Order, Amend Purchase Order, re-create Material Transfer entry. Target 2 mins for whole cycle. Let us know :slight_smile:

Hi Umair
thanks for that quick reply
my stock entry doubles up as delivery challan also
the material that goes to subcontract is issued with Delivery challan(created from stock entry)
so in this case, a delivery challan with a DC number is already issued to the vendor
now when i cancell the existing Stock entry and ammend the PO and create a fresh stock entry, i shall not be able to maintain the same DC no because another Dc might have been created.
the previous DC issued to the vendor have already been entered in the vendors records and this shall raise a conflict in the dc number already issued to the vendor and a fresh ammended dc generated at our end

A couple of workarounds for you to play with:

  1. Use Landed cost voucher. Create a new purchase order not linked to the item in question. Use LCV to allocate the cost to the item.

  2. Add additional charge with setting for Total and Valuation.

Good Luck.

thanks for the reply H_N
shall use landed cost voucher for now
Thanks again