Purchase order based on production order


I’m trying to understand how is this working.

I created a BOM for a product and now, I would like to know what is missing in my warehouse to produce 5 items like this.

So I create a production order then I dont have the choice so I create the Transfer materials for manufacture but there are items that aren’t in stock and I get an error because stock is 0 on some items.

How can I create a PO based on the missing items or how can I see the list of out of stock items that I need to order to be able to complete this production?



Go to buying > Select “Material request”
Then Select “Get Items from BOM at the top Left side” All your required items will be displayed . You can create Purchase Orders based on your “material requests”


This is not what I want because this create an order for all my items in the bom.

I only want to order items that are not in stock.

Use the production planning tool


Thanks for the reply.

Ok I tried with the production planning tool and it does want I want buy I would like to customize the report when I click on Download Materials required.

@Samuel_Gervais check in material requests. The report is just for info.

The problem is that a Material request is created for each components. If there is 200 components in my product, I don’t want to go through all of them one by one.

I have the same issue.

when am adding a Production Order there are many raw materiel which are not in stock which need to purchase. from where i can see the report of the list to purchase for the particular Production Order.

Is there any solution to this issue. We have the same problem

We create the BOM of a parent item
We want to purchase the material, then we create a material Request but ALL items are shown, even when there is some in the warehouse. It should give the option to create a material request from BOM with all items or only the differece with the warehouse and other material requests,

Waiting your appreciate comments

@F_Lage Currently you can’t do this. You can make an issue for this. And this is a complex solution.

On the other hand when using the production planning tool and getting the purchase requests for multilevel BOMS it does not create a list of child’s but parent items.

This is correct, but it creates Material Requests for Manufacture for the subassemblies. You can use the Production Planning Tool again and grab the Material Requests for Manufacture that you created the first time to grab the rest of the purchase items.

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Has anything been done with this? I’m new to ERP Next, but this feature was more or less available in the ERP I am coming from. I was hoping ERP Next was far enough along that it could easily facilitate the purchase of components factoring in the needs of all items in the production queue and the current availability of inventory. It sounds like as of May 2017 this was not an available feature.

Has anything been done with this?
I need this feature now in 2020