Purchase Order Company Address


I am trying to have the company address or shipping address displayed or printed when creating a Purchase Order.


Supplier address - this shows up fine, depending on the supplier we pick.

Company 1 address, Company 2 address

Is there a way to display the company or shipping address once i select a company? We have company 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, each of these companies has a different shipping address.

It looks as the PO system or Module is setup only to display the supplier address, but not the company or shipping address for which the PO is being raised for.

Is this possible or can someone help?

Thanks in advance

@ermalc this feature does not exist out of the box. Maybe a custom field should fix it.

Hi RMehta

Many thanks for your reply, for the meantime i will find a temporary solution. I believe you have a great system compared to what is out there currently, but saying this would be nice to have the basics in place in your next updates or releases.

In the UK or most EU countries the company address should be printed on the PO, and so does the supplier address.

Perhaps as a feature for your next releases, I believe it would be great to have the company address picked up based on the company name you select on the PO.

Also, would be good to have, there should be a way to link the Company Name to the relevant Name Series, this is extremely important if you have more than 1 company and would like that the company name and naming series match based on what you pick, rather than changing these manually.

Thanks again