Purchase Order Error


I am not able to create Purchase Order through Material Request/Supplier
Quotation for all the items where Minimum Order Quantity is mentioned in
item master.

I can only create Purchase Order directly by typing item names in the
purchase order itself.

If I try to create purchase order through Supplier Quotation/Material
Request, system always give me an error that the order quantity can not be
less than the minimum order quantity mentioned in the item master, no
matter whether the quantity mentioned in the purchase order is less than or
greater than the minimum order quantity.

@neilLasrado Can you check?

@ruchin78 Can you post the exact message?


  • Minimum order qty means whatever qty you have define in Item Master , more than that qty you should purchase .
    -if Minimum Order quantity is 5 then “Purchase Order” accepting more than or equal to 5 .
    i think it is correct.
    -purchase order can not accept Qty=1-4
    -it displaying correct message .
  • i think Message should required on ‘Purchase Order’ form i.e “Quantity should be greater than equal to minimum order quantity”

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It has been fixed now by support team I don’t know what they exactly did. But the problem was different.

Anyway thanks for your reply.