Purchase Order: Field Supplier and Company Order (1st and 2nd)

Hi All,
Don’t know if anyone came across this but we have a customer with 8/9 companies created and not every user has access to all companies… so restrictions were created on accessing some Companies.

So, when creating a new Purchase Order the fields Supplier and Company are in the “wrong order” if not mistaken, because when a user with restrictions on companies listed tries to select the Supplier first the message saying Please enter the Company first is shown.
Why not change the order, like the other Doctypes, first the Company and after the Supplier or any other field ?


Have you moved the company field via customize form? By default, the Company field in a Purchase Order is as shown below:

You can change the order of the fields as desired via Customize form.

Strange but dos not made any changes in this one of customisations… Maybe because chilling from insert versions and just migrating …

Thanks for the reply. Will order manually the field.