Purchase order from material requests - pulling from single vendor

I figured out how to generate material requests for the necessary items to build a BOM. The necessary materials will be from various vendors. I can make a new PO and then add the items from materials requests. But I have no way to know looking at the material requests that show up in the list which ones are for the vendor I’m creating the PO for. I can select all material requests, and oddly it will add items to the PO even for those that aren’t from that vendor.

What I want is some way to put all material requests from a particular vendor all on the same PO in one shot. Possible?

I just found the answer to my question here:


  1. Update Default Supplier for an Item in the Item master.
  2. Create new Purchase Order.
  3. Select Supplier.
  4. Click on a button below Supplier field called “Get Items from Open Material Request"


Yes that is the correct method.
But this will prevent you to buy the same item from any other supplier through the Material request.

How to add supplier field in material request?