Purchase Order in Nos ,Unit Price & Amount calculated in Kg

Dear All

Searched the forum, however could not get definitive answer for this problem.

Issuing PO for Product X with stock UOM in Nos (we track them in Nos), however Supplier is charging per kg. How do i get the PO to list Qty (Nos) Qty (kg) Rate (per kg) Amount ?

Remark: We do not want to key in UOM in kg because 1 Nos = 2.778 kg (PO does not allow for decimal in Qty error code :Quantity cannot be a fraction)
Thank you very much.

In the UOM Setup under the Stock Module, you can set for each Unit type whether it allows fractions.

Just turn off the “Must Be A Whole Number” flag.

Then you will be able to enter fractions/decimal for Qty in the PO

Thank you @Ardan , the problem is we do not want to order in kg, since we stock/fabricate/sell it in Nos ,we also do not care how much it weights. It is just the Supplier is charging per kg. Their Invoice always comes with Nos ,Price per Kg,Total Kg, Amount.