Purchase order issue

how to create a supplier from erpnext without gstin and i want to create a purchase order against that supplier.
from this i got the error
Invalid GST Account
Cannot charge GST in Row #1 since purchase is from a Supplier without GSTIN?
Any one plz help?


Try from Home, Buying, Supplier, Add Supplier. Edit Full Form and on Details tab set GST Category as Unregistered.

Hi @shinil_shinu ,

When you create a supplier then you have check that supplier is registered supplier, if he is registered then you have to add gst category and his gstin number in supplier master. Currently in your case in supplier master gst category in unregistered and you are trying to add gst in purchase order.That’s why is giving you a error message.

If supplier category is registered and have gstin number then and only then you are able to add taxes in PO.


i put it as a gst category become unregistered and tax category become in-state.i have no gst in number.i want to apply the tax while selecting that supplier in PO.it is possible or not.

Since you have to apply GST , see if these instructions will help:


Hi @shinil_shinu ,

In a default system it is not possible to apply gst without gstin number.