Purchase order item table vs Purchase invoice item table

in Purchase order item table when you enter a product with item code and proceed for another item ,
item cell shows both item code and name .
but when you do it in Purchase invoice only item code appears

another thing , when i add item name to the Purchase invoice item table total amount row disappears,
but normally quantity column and item code columm is too wide , if we could arrange them properly
all desired coluns would be shown .
anything that i can do about it. I saw some posts showing html code but i am not a programmer, and when i try with firebug to show it change row by row.
any easier way?

purchase receipt items

Purchase invoice iitem

sorry not purchase order , purchase receipt

It just shows the item code in both Purchase Receipt and Purchase Invoice. Please check the item code for the item.

To set the column width, go to Customize Form , select Purchase Invoice Item. For each fields you can set the column.