"purchase order" line not active

Good day all

I have just done my first ERPNext system and I am testing it out with a few
phantom transactions before I start capturing the actual data.

I have :
created supplier
created a few items
generated material request

And when I go to “BUYING” on my home page I want to select “PURCHASE ORDER” but when I
mouse over this line, it is asking to create a supplier, which I have already done.

I can however go to the “search” bar top right and enter “purchase order list” and then get to the
purchase order list.

Why is it not active under the BUYING tab?

Versions I have installed
ERPNext 12.10.1
Frappe 10.8.4 12.8.4
Ubuntu 16 on a Digital Ocean droplet

If someone can help it would be great !

It may help to say how you installed ERPNext . Does the supplier appear in the Supplier List? Can you create a second supplier and see if this still happens?

Thanks for your time smino

The install was done the “easy” way with an install script.

I did actually already create 2 suppliers and when I click on “Supplier” it shows the list of suppliers.

I created a third supplier and it is now fixed. I did notice something:

Please note: the statement below is not qualified … I shall find a way to test this …
The first 2 suppliers I created by using “Edit in full page”. The third supplier I created
by NOT using the “Edit in full page” mode … so the summary mode.

I can test this when I redo my installation before I enter my actual financial data.
I am using this installation to purely check out a few things.

Thanks for your response !!

Let me answer my own question incase there is someone else battling with this …

I cannot conclusively say what I am about to say but I have to make the deduction that it was somehow
linked to my installation method. I used one of the “quick” install scripts. That is when this happened. Something else that I noticed that did not work ( ths is mentioned in another post ) is that mails did
not work. Whenever I wanted to send an RFQ to a supplier, it would fail with an error entry into the error-log. I eventually solved this by fixing a problem in the one pythin script.

But when I when I started from scratch again with the LONG “comand-for command” install all these problems disappeared.


Generally it doesn’t matter which method you use to create ERPNext. We never faced issue with easy install script. Maybe you can do bench update --reset and then bench migrate to get latest updates.