Purchase order number has changed automatically

Hi All,

I have a situation. I submit a purchase order e.g. PO-3752 last month ,but suddenly the same PO has now PO-4145!.
and PO-3752 is now assigned for a different PO.

I went to Document Version but no one changed the PO or deleted it.
Is there any explanation for that ?


Hi @Ahmed_Moustafa2,

Please apply Role Permissions Manager for Purchase Order then set it only system manager can only delete.

And also Role Permissions Manager apply for Naming Series because user can not change series and can’t update series number.

Thank You!

Thank you for your reply.

I did it now. However i dont think someone has delete the PO. because i didnt find the po in deleted document list.

Is there is any possibilities that there is a bug on the system?


It’s a not a bug.
if user have a rights of deleted document list.
may be user deleted po form deleted document list.


Ok, thank you

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