Purchase Order - Quantities not received and rejected


I am currently conducting acceptance testing for the system and I would like to fulfil following scenario:

After creating a PO for 100 units of an item, the supplier sent only 80 and I rejected additional 30, so in summary:

  • 100 ordered
  • 20 not delivered
  • 30 rejected

I would like to create a purchase invoice for 50 items, I would like to return 30 items to the supplier and close the Purchase Order with only 80 items delivered.

I have following problem with the link between the modules:

When doing Purchase receipt I’m filling in details as the scenario above and this happens:

The status of Purchase Order is “Not received” - 50 units still pending - how do I get the 30 units back to supplier and close the PO with only 80 units received?

Help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,

Just “Stop” the PO

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