Purchase Order Received QTY not updated correctly

I found an unexpected behavior in the Buying sequence. I issued a Purchase Order for 14 units of a serialized item. When creating my Purchase Receipt I accepted smaller quantities of the same item on multiple lines. My Purchase Invoice was then created from the Purchase Receipt. The resulting stock ledgers and accounting ledgers are all correct. However, the Qty Received on the Purchase Order was only updated by the first line item of the Purchase Receipt.

PO item SW-AV-1Y-Renewal QTY: 14 Total Price: $140.00

PREC line 1 item SW-AV-1Y-Renewal QTY: 6 Price $60.00
PREC line 2 item SW-AV-1Y-Renewal QTY: 4 Price $40.00
PREC line 3 item SW-AV-1Y-Renewal QTY: 1 Price $10.00
PREC line 4 item SW-AV-1Y-Renewal QTY: 3 Price $30.00

PINV agrees with PREC.

PO shows a status of “To Receive” because the QTY Received = 6. (reflects only 1st line received)
The PO’s QTY as per Stock UOM: 14 (which is correct)

Is there a way to update only the QTY Received without impacting Stock?

In the Purchase Order, each Item row is assigned a unique #row-id (in the backend). When you create a Purchase Receipt or Invoice, the row-id of Purchase Order is updated in the Purchase Receipt / Invoice Item table. That’s how it does the mapping and finally updates Purchase Order status.

When you manually added rows in the Purchase Order, though you selected same Item, but the Row-ID was not fetched from Purchase Order, like for the first row of that same item, hence Purhase Order status was not updated for the additional rows.

To prevent that, here are the steps you should follow.



Thank you for your rapid and concise response. I understand.

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