Purchase Order V15

Iam running thru erpnext v15 (self hosted)
have an issue creating a Purchase Order
case 1
i open a new purchase order
select the supplier
select the item from the itemcode drop menu and finish
while submitting it throws an error -
Company GSTIN is a mandatory field for GST Transactions

case 2
I open a new purchase order
select the supplier
select and tick the column - is subcontracted
now the item code doesn’t show any item at all

what would be the reason
Please help

There is an issue raised for the same problem here

The Sub-contract Work flow given below
Is more confusing, time consuming
If i have more than 25 items to be sub contracted to single vendor, Should i raise the PO twenty five times?
In version 13 it was straight forward and easy
Or am I missing something
Somebody please help
The Manufacturing Module is the most critical and Important part of an erp for a manufacturer.
There are contradicting documents on Sub-Contract Flow. The other one is here
The above one is more easy and straight forward
Can somebody who has been using subcontract module in V14/15 Please help me out
Thanks and Regards

Have been working on the Purchase Order for a while
There are a few other things thats confusing
I can create Purchase Order only on Non-Stock Items ( Subcontract)
But in BOM - I can create BOM only with stocked Items
Have hit a Road Block
Somebody Please help
Is it a bug or am i missing something or to go back to v13
Thanks and Regards

Is somebody there who has worked on creating PO successfully on V15
Please do help
have now moved to Excell Sheets to generate Purchase Order Manually
Thanks and Regards


I note that in v13 the Include Item in Manufacturing check box is available when adding a new Item, in v15 the Manufacturing tab is not visible. The checkbox can sort of be added by customizing the Item form, Details, Fields, as can Supply Raw Materials for Purchase. They do not appear in add using full form. Not sure how to add the tab or if it would help in this situation.

I have some test Item from run-tests left from 13 before upgrading and that does show the Manufacturing tab, but nothing for add new item.

The include item in manufacturing check box is very much available
see the image below

Below the New Item
you can see the tabs
select manufacturing
you can see the check box there
Thanks and Regards

After a lot of exploring
Alas i have found the answer
for the error " Company GSTIN is a mandatory field for GST Transaction"
go to address list
create your company address and fill in all details
at the bottom of the page
tick yes------is your company address
under - Links
Link Document type - company
link name - your company name
that’s it

Thanks and Regards