Purchase order won't transfer materials from BOM

Hello, so this morning I made a production order and it loaded correctly all the materials required from the BOM, transfered the materials correctly to WIP and the production went as planned and all was fine. A few hours later however, without having touched anything when I make new production orders, no materials load from the BOM and it doesn’t transfer any of the materials to Work In Progress.

On the purchase order sheet before I submit it, it only shows the operations and none of the raw materials required although the correct BOM is loaded in the BOM box.

Can anyone help me with what I am possibly doing wrong or is this a potential glitch?

Can you replicate this on https://demo.erpnext.com ?

Did you cancel, change your BOMs?

I did not cancel or change my BOMS. I have been unable to replicate it in the demo. Since my company is only in the testing phase before we decide to purchase this software and the information is test only would you be able to possibly login and try to do a purchase order using the BOM and see why the materials are not being transferred? It would help me out so much.

Let me know if you could and I will set you up with a username and password.

If not would you have any other suggestions? Thanks a lot for your help already it is much appreciated.

@leefulford we can help you if we can replicate it. If not its hard to find out what is wrong.

Sorry but we cannot afford one-on-one help unless you are a paid customer.