Purchase orders are not showing to user

I have given the rights to the user to create the purchase order, but purchase orders are not showing in the list view to the user. Instead, they are showing in the report view only. How can we resolve the issue?

@Sachin_Jaiswal give him read permissions

I have provided the read permissions but nothing works.

@Sachin_Jaiswal can you share screenshots ?

please find the attached screenshots

@Sachin_Jaiswal and teh list vie and the user’s permission page

I have not set the user permissions for this user.

Hi @Sachin_Jaiswal,

Please check the user role and check the permission which you set and view the purchase order.

Also, share the screenshot of the purchase order and any errors coming or not.

Thank You!

I have given the same role and permission to the user as given to the other, but the purchase order is not showing only to a particular user.
However, the user is able to see the purchase order in the report view.