Purchase Receipt against Blanket Order

Hi All,

We have created a purchasing Blanket Order. We need to create a PO and then use the PR to inward the items.

Since we have created the agreement with the Supplier on the rate for a fixed period of time, why do we need to raise a PO each time? Wouldn’t it be sufficient if the items are inwarded against the Blanket Order.

Is it possible to create Purchase Receipt against the Blanket Order.?


In my point of view, this will not work due to several reasons.

  • How can you check the incoming invoice from your supplier if not correctly run with a PR?
  • How will you manage tax issues if not done according process?
  • Also payments needs to be donme according process

I noticed that the blanked order is not correctly programmed. Be carefule with this expecially if you use different UOM etc.