Purchase Receipt creation time updation wrong

Hi all,
I created purchase receipt for one item creation time updated now after one hour again i try to create purchase receipt for tat same item creation time update now in both records please tell me any one why its updating previous records?

i think there is no issue with purchase receipt. please make it more clear then others can help you

thanks for rly @abrarpv97,
now i created record no (682) but time updated previous record also like 2m this is my issue pls refer the screenshot

Could you open 667 and check what changes were made? Also check who made those changes… To check that, you can view the audit trail at the bottom of the Purchase Receipt.

P.S. I tried replicating this in v12 and v13 and could not replicate the issue…

Yeah michelle i checked 667 audit trail here shown correctly(2 month ago) but 667 record list view shown 2 m