Purchase Receipt doesn't allow for multiple items of same type


Since I updated my install to V8, we can no longer create Purchase Receipts with multiple items of the same type.

We receive multiple orders in the same shipment regularly. We often have a “TOOLING” line item on every order, so that item is always seen as being a “duplicate” by the system, except it is not. That line is unique to each order.

I found a github issue from 2013 that describes the same issue here: Purchase Invoice from Multi-GRN · Issue #670 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

And I have included a screen shot below.

Any help greatly appreciated, thank you.


ERPNext: v8.7.2 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.6.7 (master)

To have multiple same items in purchase receipt, please add duplicate items without PO-Number…

This should work

Thanks for your reply @adnan

When we create a Purchase Receipt, we use the Get items from Purchase Order feature, and we load several POs to build up the Purchase Receipt.

Each item on the Purchase Receipt is linked to the item form the source PO. The Purchase Order field is not even editable in this state, but also, removing that link would be undesirable anyway.

Can you clarify for me?


let me explain what i understand from your scenario.

  1. you have PO’s and want to make one PR against Multiple PO’s.
  2. Along with Items in PO, you also like to receive more qty than PO.

if i’m not mistaken There is a setting where it says

do not receive qty more the PO.

if this condition is set, you cannot receive items other-than PO. if you want you can receive them
by Add New Row at bottom, there system will not pickup the PO number. it’s considered as open receiving.

i hope i understand your issue.

You need to allow multiple items in buying/selling module settings