Purchase Receipt Entry without PR and PO

Is there any way that I can do the purchase receipt from vendor without Purchase Order.

you can directly create “Purchase receipt” without Purchase Order.

-Go to “Stock” module
-Documents->Create “Purchase receipt”

For Handling or maintaining your Account properly, you can go flow wise also
1.First create Purchase order,then create Purchase Receipt
2.Make Purchase Invoice and Make payment entry.

Shraddha Ranjane
New Indictrans Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

are you saying just doing the purchase receipt is not a good idea?

In your step 1 and 2, are they the same steps or alternate ways of doing it?

Actually, in my scenario. I have sent some raw material to vendor for jobwork, But he send back the material without jobwork. Now as per ERPNext I can directly put a receipt entry in Stock Entry Form, but with that I will not be able to track, whether I have received raw material back from vendor or not and for the subcotract purchase order, I will stop the PO. Both my problems will be solved.

Hi Ruchin sir,
Take one example:-
Suppose you are giving 10Kg “woods” as Raw Material to your supplier
for making Table (Means Supplier will make Table and give it to you back after manufacturing)

1.In your setup made two ware house one warehouse A for you and make another warehouse B for supplier
this will be helpful to track.
-if you are providing 10kg woods to your supplier for making 2 tables
then you make “Material Transfer” of 10 kg to your supplier
and make “Purchase order” of 2 tables (from your side).
2. Now after manufacturing 2 tables as “Product” then made “Purchase Receipt” from
his(supplier) side.if only 8kg woods required out of 10 Kg for manufacture 2 tables then remaining 2 kg woods
get back to you from supplier with purpose “Material Transfer”.
3. You can see details in Reports also.